Take a look at some of the fine products and services offered.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution, Racks, Rack PDU’s, Mission Critical Cooling, Power, Power Monitoring Software

Service Plans, Equipment Maintenance, Extended Warranties, Battery Replacement or Conversion

Power Monitoring Software & Hardware

EcoXpert Products EPMS/SCADA/Metering/Harmonic Mitigation/Power Factor Correction

Service Agreements, Software Support

Critical power loss event recording

Transfer & Bypass  Switches, Paralleling Systems, Emergency & Prime Power Systems, Generator Control Switchgear, SCADA & Simulators

Service Contracts, Preventative Maintenance

Generator Docking Stations, Load Bank Quick Connects, Dual Purpose Docking Stations, Manual Transfer/Rotary Switch Docking Stations, Automatic Transfer Switches, UL891 Switchboards.

Installation, Start-up, and Commissioning of Generator Docking Stations.

Harmonic Filters

Hospital Isolation Panels, Line Isolation Monitors, Ground Fault Monitoring, Resistance Grounded Systems

Isolated Power Systems Testing, Upgrades & Retrofits

Surge Protection Devices